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The following is tangentially related to open source, and not so
tangentially related to Internet freedoms.

The issue of interception of digital communications has been in the
spotlight recently with various countries insisting that Blackberry's
- and RIM - give unencrypted text of messages to these Governments,
and also starting to target other users of encryption. This presumably
means that Governments think SSL is TOO secure, and they would like
ways to read our emails.

We also see how GPS tracking is being used both in NZ and overseas,
and how the courts treat it. In the US there have been rulings both
for and against a search warrant to track cars. And last but far from
least is the provision of Police like powers to about 70 Government
departments and organisations. That is these departments will be able
to get court orders for investigations that will involve bugging your
house; including video.

Obviously we need to adapt our policing to new technology, but just
like with Copyright we should not allow a broadening and deepening of
these powers. I have not had time to fully read the proposed bill, but
it would be great if someone had the time to read it and evaluate what
effect it may have on our freedoms.



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Subject: Search and Surveillance Bill organising meeting next Wednesday
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Auckland Organising Meeting Against Search and Surveillance Bill

Wednesday 8th September.  7pm AUSA House, Alfred Street, University of
Auckland.  (Look for the big wooden house opposite the General

Meeting to plan upcoming events, including an Auckland protest for the
proposed October 9th national day of action.

The Search and Surveillance Bill is back before the Justice and
Electoral Select Committee.  A revised version of the Bill an interim
report was recently released by the committee.

The report confirms that police will get a load of new powers: video
surveillance where police trespass on private property will be legal;
the circumstances in which audio bugging will be legal will
dramatically increased from what it is at present. The threshold for
warrantless searches is being lowered, as are the circumstances for
setting up roadblocks. Along with police, some 70 government agencies
– from IRD to the Overseas Investment Office and the Pork Industry
Board – will be able to apply to conduct video and audio surveillance
and install as yet undeveloped surveillance devices into your home,
car, community centre, church, marae, school, place of business, etc.

While the report indicates that these new powers will be slightly
smaller than originally envisioned in the Bill, the overall thrust is
the same: a massive increase in state power to spy on ordinary New

For more information please contact:

Cameron Walker on cameronw87 at gmail.com or [ph num removed from archive by admin]

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