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Mon Nov 6 13:19:51 NZDT 2017

There is a series of tutorials on kdenlive which produce a pretty good
intro to NLE in general - well I found them helpful anyway! Start here:


On Fri, Nov 3, 2017 at 9:59 AM, DL Neil <nzlug at etelligence.info> wrote:

> Are you able to recommend tutorials or introductions to Non-linear video
> editing (under Linux) for non-film/non-video professionals, please?
> All other guidance and advice will be much appreciated.
> (eg run away screaming?)
> I wish to update my skills to include better-than-rudimentary - but not
> slick-and-TV/film-professional video presentations.
> Materials I've found seem to be of the MSFT 'click-here, press-that - see
> how "simple" it is' variety (too focussed on the mechanical); or are aimed
> at video professionals who understand their jargon and may be transitioning
> from specific hardware to imitator software on a computer (which is beyond
> my ken).
> As a lecturer and trainer (since the era when t-rex wrangling was a valued
> skill) I have embraced and adapted to a range of 'A/V' techniques. This
> project aims to combine a practical demonstration ('live lesson') of coding
> technique with voice-over commentary, interposed with still-images, titles,
> etc. Much of the 'video source' would be from screen-cast capture.
> My methodology has developed into using a "script" which consists of
> titles and topics/points (by no means every word which will be spoken);
> either as bullet-points to give me a sequence, or as a check-list to ensure
> full-coverage. In the two side-margins I doodle various shapes/icons to
> remind myself when to use 'A/V aids' (as we used to call them). You may
> have spotted this when I gave a talk at AuckLUG. I would like to learn how
> to transmogrify such planning into the more image-oriented "storyboard"
> technique.
> Then, once the videos are shot, still-images are collected, etc; how to
> assemble shots and clips, join them with transitions and fades, and other
> such mechanical skills.
> Arching over all of this comes learning the world of video, and
> specifically video-training: the disembodied voice cf a 'talking head',
> superimposing video, titles, or still-images over video, relevance and
> pace, etc. (and plenty else which you don't want to read, or is yet to
> surprise me...)
> NB Whilst I haven't chosen a NLVE package, I'm not looking for software
> recommendations per-se; but do wish to see how any-package implements such
> work-flow, how best to plan, proceed, etc...
> --
> Regards,
> =dn
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