[NZLUG] Video editing intro

DL Neil nzlug at etelligence.info
Fri Nov 3 09:59:38 NZDT 2017

Are you able to recommend tutorials or introductions to Non-linear video 
editing (under Linux) for non-film/non-video professionals, please?

All other guidance and advice will be much appreciated.
(eg run away screaming?)

I wish to update my skills to include better-than-rudimentary - but not 
slick-and-TV/film-professional video presentations.

Materials I've found seem to be of the MSFT 'click-here, press-that - 
see how "simple" it is' variety (too focussed on the mechanical); or are 
aimed  at video professionals who understand their jargon and may be 
transitioning from specific hardware to imitator software on a computer 
(which is beyond my ken).

As a lecturer and trainer (since the era when t-rex wrangling was a 
valued skill) I have embraced and adapted to a range of 'A/V' 
techniques. This project aims to combine a practical demonstration 
('live lesson') of coding technique with voice-over commentary, 
interposed with still-images, titles, etc. Much of the 'video source' 
would be from screen-cast capture.

My methodology has developed into using a "script" which consists of 
titles and topics/points (by no means every word which will be spoken); 
either as bullet-points to give me a sequence, or as a check-list to 
ensure full-coverage. In the two side-margins I doodle various 
shapes/icons to remind myself when to use 'A/V aids' (as we used to call 
them). You may have spotted this when I gave a talk at AuckLUG. I would 
like to learn how to transmogrify such planning into the more 
image-oriented "storyboard" technique.

Then, once the videos are shot, still-images are collected, etc; how to 
assemble shots and clips, join them with transitions and fades, and 
other such mechanical skills.

Arching over all of this comes learning the world of video, and 
specifically video-training: the disembodied voice cf a 'talking head', 
superimposing video, titles, or still-images over video, relevance and 
pace, etc. (and plenty else which you don't want to read, or is yet to 
surprise me...)

NB Whilst I haven't chosen a NLVE package, I'm not looking for software 
recommendations per-se; but do wish to see how any-package implements 
such work-flow, how best to plan, proceed, etc...


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