[NZLUG] Stitching 2x A4 images into A3

Volker Kuhlmann list0570 at paradise.net.nz
Sat Mar 26 15:31:36 NZDT 2016

On Sat 26 Mar 2016 13:26:09 NZDT +1300, cr wrote:

> I'm not sure about the 'snap-to' function, but what I found was that, when
> scanning, the page scanned was never quite 'square' to the image.   So
> there was nothing Gimp could 'get a grip' on to snap it into line.   I'd have
> to rotate the scan visually (which is where the superimposed grid was so
> useful), then crop it which automatically resulted in a squared-up image.
> Critical of course when joining maps edge-to-edge.

For your images that might have been sufficient, but my thinking is that
unless the program supports the lining up it's not only time-consuming
to do but the result is likely to be much less than perfect.
Hence me investigating the MFP route...

> I hadn't noticed a significant quality loss, there may have been some.   This
> was on colour maps; line diagrams might show it up more.

Monochrome texts, with CCITT (fax) compression. Very small files, good
for letters etc. The letter shapes have sharp edges, I haven't bumped up
resolution for the rotate-it-straight cases. vuescan, not gimp.

> FWIW, Epson have a downloadable program called ScanImage! for Linux,
> seems to be a front-end for XSane.     I've used it and it works.

Good to know, might be worth a try when getting stuck, maybe.

I only use vuescan. Many moons ago I bought a pro license (unlimited
updates, US$90). It handles more scanners than you can shake a stick at,
so I keep using the software I'm familiar with. It does film scanners
too (and well at that, forget sane). The sane front ends so far I all
found unconvincing. vuescan has been far more powerful than the often
atrocious scanner freebies, there is good control over scan and image
parameters. Even sane is better!

Basically, sane support is a good plan B, but anything not supported by
vuescan I simply don't waste my time with.


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