[NZLUG] Stitching 2x A4 images into A3

Volker Kuhlmann list0570 at paradise.net.nz
Sat Mar 26 01:04:05 NZDT 2016

Thanks everyone, very helpful!

> > > you'll never get the alignment bang-on-perfect, so you'll need to do some
> > > manual adjustments. which means gimp is the way to do it.

Is there a function in gimp to kind of snap the alignment into place, or
is it totally manual a la move/rotate until it looks like it fits?

> > > nb, adjusting the rotation will result in loss of detail, so you'll need
> > > to scan at a higher resolution than you think you'll need.

Have you actually observed this? I didn't think re-sampling causes a
noticable quality loss. Rotating things straight in vuescan must
re-sample the data too and I haven't observed a visible difference.

> > Dedicated A3 scanners are horribly expensive, but some 'all-in-one'
> > printer-copier-scanners are quite modestly priced (like my Epson WF-7510).

That's an interesting tip, thanks. The current model seems to be WF-7610
and can be had for $220. Maybe these days they are much better in

Does anyone in Christchurch have something like this and would allow me
to visit for a test scan? [offlist]

> Volker, I have a Fuji Xerox printer/scanner at work that does A3. If I can
> assist at all, let me know. It'd have to be by arrangement as the printer
> is used pretty fulltime at work, but we could work something out.

Thanks Nick, I'll keep it in mind, appreciate the offer but might have
easier access to other offices.

My experience with the scanning capabilities of big office machines
about 4 years ago is very bad. They're fast, but that's all. The scan
area doesn't match the plate position, output format can't be controlled
(what's the point of creating a tiff with jpeg compression??), issues
with print screens, and the worst was brightness/contrast control was
not controllable and tuned to what photocopiers usually do. I'm not too
hopeful that these things have changed, but it was using the device on
its own. Using a scan program on the computer might knock it into shape.
Something to test.



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