[NZLUG] qemu/kvm frustration

philip philipc at copyleft.co.nz
Wed Mar 23 13:41:19 NZDT 2016

Hi folks,
                I have googled, read documentation and nothing seems to
work.  I must be missing something obvious.

I am trying to get a usb 2 port working as a storage unit on a virtual
machine.  It would also be nice to to be able to specify the 'raw'

I have qemu-kvm 1:2.5+dfsg-5 installed.

The blank image is created by    qemu-img create  MAXI 8G

The client system is installed using  (the media is a flash drive)
kvm -hda MAXI -boot d -cdrom /dev/sdc -m 1024

The client is run using   kvm ./MAXI -m 1024

All works nicely, but not usb 2 or specifying 'raw'


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