[NZLUG] VNC server/viewer setup help required

Patrick Connolly tuxkid at slingshot.co.nz
Sun Jul 24 21:43:51 NZST 2016

Somewhere about Fri, 22-Jul-2016 at 12:28PM +1200 (give or take), Mark
Foster wrote:


|> More simply, Putty is a software application. Putty 'is not' SSH.
|> Putty talks SSH, it also talks Telnet (which is in itself, a simple
|> TCP connection).  You must open Putty and select the correct
|> 'connection type' before then manually adjusting the Port to be
|> used as required.
|> Or you could follow the earlier links provided and install the
|> Telnet client on your windows machine.  The question really is,
|> whether it's apparent if a TCP service is listening on port 5901,
|> and the Telnet protocol is the easiest way to determine this.

Thanks for that explanation.  I'll try it next time I'm at that

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