[NZLUG] Mirror provider?

Nick Rout nick.rout at gmail.com
Sat Jul 23 15:04:41 NZST 2016

I am seeking some organisation that could provide NZ mirroring for an open
source linux based distro.

I am helping out with the LibreELEC project, which is a fork of OpenELEC.
It is a small linux distro designed to run as an appliance running Kodi
(formerly XBMC). See http://libreelec.tv .

I was asked if I could find a .nz mirror for their distribution. Downloads
are an approx 200MB for about 5 or 6 architectures. I don't have any idea
what the overall server load would be, but I can put anyone who might be
able to help in touch with the man at LibreELEC.

Anyone able to help or to point me in the right direction, please let me
know - on or off list.
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