[NZLUG] AirTies Access Point for Sky HDTV

DL Neil nzlug at etelligence.info
Fri Jul 22 21:33:22 NZST 2016

Agreed, the blighters charge like wounded bulls!

I think the applicable phrase was "don't want to know". It was working 
when installed.

The technician at first couldn't understand the network settings, 
(which I had set up for my neighbor, so not exactly 'rocket science') 
which filled everyone with confidence. Then later apparently made 
various changes to the network without so much as a by-your-leave. He 
took two attempts (that I know of), maybe three. So, you can imagine 
both sides' attitude to yet another repeat performance.

  Hence I was hoping to find some Sky enthusiast who knows how to spell 
"network", rather than perhaps ignorantly 'experimenting' and perhaps 
making things even worse.

On 22/07/16 19:25, Nick Rout wrote:
> Shouldn't he (or you) call Sky?
> On Fri, Jul 22, 2016 at 12:50 PM, DL Neil <nzlug at etelligence.info
> <mailto:nzlug at etelligence.info>> wrote:
>     Linux routing and logging reports overly-frequent access requests
>     from a strange device, and my neighbor has been struggling to
>     persuade his Sky TV to work!
>     He has an Air Ties 300Mbps Wireless Access Point model Air 4400
>     device which connects by Ethernet cable to a MySky HDi set-top box.
>     It seems this is necessary, or its connection to a Vodafone/Huawei
>     modem-router is needed, to be able to program the TV or to record
>     games/movies. (so much simpler on Freeview!)
>     He "tidied up" after the installer left and consigned any papers to
>     land-fill. sigh! Needless to say, his IT expertise stops at the
>     front-edge of the browser window. From what little info I've found,
>     this AP seems to look-around and then attach itself as a "wireless
>     extender" to whichever wi-fi signal it sees first/seems the
>     strongest. (I don't really know, but if I turn-off my wireless he
>     starts smiling again...)
>     Can you tell me anything about such devices, please?
>     Can it be 'locked' to seek a particular SSID?
>     Can I re-config the thing, perhaps through the TV and remote control?
>     How to prevent it from interfering with my wireless network and
>     filling up my server logs?
>     Any and all advice would be much appreciated...
>     --
>     Regards,
>     =dn
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