[NZLUG] AirTies Access Point for Sky HDTV

DL Neil nzlug at etelligence.info
Fri Jul 22 12:50:32 NZST 2016

Linux routing and logging reports overly-frequent access requests from a 
strange device, and my neighbor has been struggling to persuade his Sky 
TV to work!

He has an Air Ties 300Mbps Wireless Access Point model Air 4400 device 
which connects by Ethernet cable to a MySky HDi set-top box. It seems 
this is necessary, or its connection to a Vodafone/Huawei modem-router 
is needed, to be able to program the TV or to record games/movies. (so 
much simpler on Freeview!)

He "tidied up" after the installer left and consigned any papers to 
land-fill. sigh! Needless to say, his IT expertise stops at the 
front-edge of the browser window. From what little info I've found, this 
AP seems to look-around and then attach itself as a "wireless extender" 
to whichever wi-fi signal it sees first/seems the strongest. (I don't 
really know, but if I turn-off my wireless he starts smiling again...)

Can you tell me anything about such devices, please?
Can it be 'locked' to seek a particular SSID?
Can I re-config the thing, perhaps through the TV and remote control?
How to prevent it from interfering with my wireless network and filling 
up my server logs?

Any and all advice would be much appreciated...


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