[NZLUG] VNC server/viewer setup help required

Patrick Connolly tuxkid at slingshot.co.nz
Tue Jul 19 20:44:46 NZST 2016

Somewhere about Tue, 19-Jul-2016 at 01:19PM +1200 (give or take),
Cliff Pratt wrote:

|> On 17/07/16 18:44, Patrick Connolly wrote:
|> >Somewhere about Fri, 15-Jul-2016 at 11:21AM +1200 (give or take),


|> >There's no telnet on the Windows machine so can't test that theory.
|> Putty will do telnet.

Putty itself connects fine.  So that answers the question telnet would
have answered.

Reckon I'll have to make a table of all the possible combinations of
~/.vnc/xstartup and ~/.vnc/config and try them all.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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