[NZLUG] Key Management Service

Félix Saparelli felix at passcod.name
Tue Jul 19 15:48:07 NZST 2016

Also interested, but the reverse use-case: as in a central repo of public
keys associated with human users mostly, and machine users secondarily. We
have a "build it ourselves" small project waiting for free time, but if a
solution already exists…

On Tue, Jul 19, 2016 at 3:30 PM Guy K. Kloss <guy at kloss.nz> wrote:

> …SSH and GnuPG keys need
> to be managed. This management needs to happen securely in a
> "centralised way" (though probably redundant for high availability). The
> keys managed are commonly for machine users and admins, not for end
> users…
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