[NZLUG] VNC server/viewer setup help required

Martin D Kealey martin at kurahaupo.gen.nz
Wed Jul 13 13:18:48 NZST 2016

On Wed, 13 Jul 2016, tuxkid wrote:
> I've already tried x = 1, 2, 3, 4, 100, 200 with the same result.  The
> server says it's listening on port 5900 + x, but the viewer will only ever
> establish a connexion to 6000 + x.

VNC and X have opposite ideas of which ends are the "client" and the
"server", so a proxy between them acts as "server" on both sides.

So xvnc listens on *two* ports -- one as a VNC server, and one as an X
server; and I gather that they're numbered 5900+x and 6000+x. Note that 6000
is the default X server using the local keyboard and screen (often VT7);
picking numbers bigger than 99 are not likely to work as you'd expect.

If it seems like one listener appears but the other does not, check netstat.
If netstat says there are two listeners, check your firewall rules. If
netstat says there is only one listener, then check your VNC config.


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