[NZLUG] GovHack

Martin D Kealey martin at kurahaupo.gen.nz
Tue Jul 5 20:35:02 NZST 2016

I did GovHack last year, and I encourage everyone to get involved if you
possibly can.

You get to meet a bunch of new and interesting people, you get to play with
cloud computing and a big pile of government-supplied data (think:
cartography, weather, finance, population, migration, housing, public
transport, health, gambling, marriages ... whatever the govt keeps tabs on,
summary info is available).

And kudos and thanks to Cherie Ellis for organizing last year!


On Tue, 5 Jul 2016, DL Neil wrote:
> Noticed this public invitation of likely interest to mash-up artists and
> OpenData enthusiasts:
> GovHack is all about bringing together coders, artists, storytellers,
> observers, communicators and more, from the private, public, NGO and
> academic sectors.
> While the group of people is diverse, we’re united in a single purpose –
> working with government data to innovate and create.
> What is GovHack, anyway? It’s not about “cracking” government – it’s
> about bringing together the power of open data and all of us to build a
> better democracy and a more open government and society. Watch this
> short video to find out more :)
> This year, New Zealand’s second (ever) GovHack event will be taking
> place across the country over the weekend of 29 – 31 July, in:
>      Whangarei
>      Auckland
>      Hamilton
>      Hawke’s Bay
>      Whanganui
>      Wellington
>      Christchurch
>      Queenstown
>      Dunedin.
> ...
> http://govhack.org.nz/

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