[NZLUG] Friday finking: DNS 'map'

DL Neil nzlug at etelligence.info
Fri Jan 16 15:53:50 NZDT 2015

Is there a tool which will show the DNS/named servers which will be/may
be/were consulted to resolve an hostName?

I've had some trouble resetting my home/office network after replacing
the router and access point(s), and upgrading server software. The most
intractable issue was DNS not working for DHCP but working happily for
static-IP (and defined DNS) clients...

It would have been very useful to be able to sit at a client PC and
confirm that it resolved a hostName by first consulting the LAN DNS
server, then forwarding (and external) request to the router (not), then
(perhaps) an ISP's DNS server, thence OpenDNS, and maybe ...

Am envisioning a report somewhat akin to traceroute (which spans/links
routers rather than DNS servers), or even an RDBMS EXPLAIN-ing the plan
of a complex multi-table SQL query...

...or should I have adopted a different approach?


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