[NZLUG] OT: Android and iOS developers

Rob Connolly rob at webworxshop.com
Tue Jan 13 16:33:42 NZDT 2015

Hi All,

This is a little off-topic, however I thought this would be the best
place to ask.

Does anyone know of any reputable, experienced Android or iOS
application developers/development shops, located within New Zealand? I
have searched around a bit, but would prefer a personal recommendation
over the marketing hype.

The application in question deals heavily with system level APIs and
must interact well with other applications running on the system, so the
developers in question would need good experience with the operating
system (i.e. this is not your basic CRUD app or news application).

The developers need not have experience with both platforms, one or the
other is perfectly acceptable. In that case I would need to find
separate developers for each platform.

Auckland based is better in terms of location, but will consider anyone
from within NZ.

A portfolio documenting relevant experience would be useful.

Thanks in advance,


Rob Connolly

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