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There is an excellent opportunity to promote FOSS coming up at HACKAKL. It
is being run by Auckland Transport, AUT and Propellerhead, a local software
house. I am already signed up.


Next week there is a kick off meeting. It would be great if NZLUG members
could help; it is a great opportunity that we can't miss. Latest email from
HACKAKL follows:


Hi All

Registrations are continuing to grow so please keep spreading the word. We
really want to crack the 300+ participant mark.

1st Pre-Event Workshop 30 April

Venue: Propellerhead - 34 Drake St , behind Victoria St Market.

(Drinks and nibbles courtesy Propellerhead)

Time: 5.45 pm - 7 pm



   Meet and Greet from Andrew Weston (MD info at hackakl.org.nzPropellerhead)
   and Roger Jones (GM Business Technology - Auckland Transport)

   Presentation via Video from Christchurch by Tim Hatherly-Greene - hack
   organiser who has overseen two hack events on transport for the
   Christchurch area - Achievements +  Insights

   Team forming  -

      Review Wiki ideas

      Pitch an idea seeking team members

      Identify yourself /skills seeking a team

   Open Q&A





To Come

Follow on speakers at the next two events include NZTA, ChallengePost.com,
LINZ, and Spatial Fusion.

API release currently set for 14 May.

If any of you wish to promote the event in any of your digital communities
and would like some collateral, please contact us at info at hackakl.org.nz

HACKAKL Organising Team
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