[NZLUG] Netflix and VPN

Volker Kuhlmann hidden at paradise.net.nz
Sat Apr 19 20:51:09 NZST 2014

On Sat 19 Apr 2014 20:29:35 NZST +1200, Robin Sheat wrote:

VPNs can be a bit painful to set up the way you want them.

In your case for example there is no point in routing any other traffic
through a useless VPN except for the flix stuff. 

In all those cases you must check:

This specifies the DNS server that will be used. In the usual case of a
local hostile Internet connection you must use one that is reached
through the VPN. With flix (why am I tempted to call it notflix) you
would want to prefer your normal non-VPN resolver, but you may have to
use the one offered through the VPN until you have everything working.

Routing table
Ensure the VPN's remote end is reachable.
Ensure traffic is forced through the VPN interface - at least the flix

Compare states of the above before and after flix gives you the finger.

In general, make sure you give this PPTP microsoft so-called private
network a wide berth. For flix however it is just fine, just not for
much else. Just mentioning.



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