[NZLUG] Netflix and VPN

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Sat Apr 19 19:45:34 NZST 2014

On 19/04/2014 7:30 p.m., Robin Sheat wrote:
> op 19-04-14 19:27, Cliffp schreef:
>> The answer is, not so far as I can tell. I run it in a screen session
>> and no messages there and none in the usual logs.
> Hmm. DHCP renegotiation resetting your default route temporarily?
> (though, I wouldn't expect that to cause this, just throwing out ideas.)

I'd wonder if it's looking at other things, like system locale and 
such.  If your system is running en-NZ, if they happen to be able to 
apply rules to places known to host VPN endpoints... there's many ways 
to skin this cat.

If you really want a 'clean' approach, run up a VM built as if you're in 
the USA, with all USA based selections, arrangements, and such...

I personally would very happily pay a small amount per month to access a 
system that didn't require me to circumvent copy protection.  Since such 
a thing doesn't seem to exist in NZ, I find myself stuck with FTA TV and 
whatever comes my way by 'other means'. It explains also why Boxed Sets 
are still in demand and readily available for rent at the likes of your 
local video store.

Good luck,

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