[NZLUG] Netflix and VPN

Cliffp enkidu at cliffp.com
Sat Apr 19 17:28:48 NZST 2014

Does anyone use a private VPN to access Netflix?

I've been trying "PrivateInternetAccess" VPN to connect to Netflix, with 
variable success.

If I start up the VPN it all seems to work OK and 'whatismyip.com' shows 
a states side IP address. If I then start up a browser and connect to 
Netflix, it works fine for a while, but eventually throws me back to the 
'you-can't-do-that-from-nz' page.

If I remove the Netflix cookies, restart the browser and reconnect to 
Netflix it again works for a while.

Any ideas?

I know that this is a grey area, but to be honest, I'm not likely to use 
it much if at all, but I'm interested to see if it can be made to work.



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