[NZLUG] Recommendations for free cloud storage? Around 10GB.

Cliffp enkidu at cliffp.com
Tue Apr 15 17:49:48 NZST 2014

It's not free though, except for the first year. I think that they make 
it over complicated.



On 15/04/14 08:55, Félix Saparelli wrote:
> Amazon S3. Works with Deja Dup, has an extensive command line (s3cmd).
> Can be configured to archive to Glacier after a period of time, for
> regular archival I use 1 week (in case a disaster happens within a week,
> so I don't have to wait ~12 more hours for Glacier retrieval).
> On 14 April 2014 21:36, Cliffp <enkidu at cliffp.com
> <mailto:enkidu at cliffp.com>> wrote:
>     Does anyone know of a free cloud storage service that either has a
>     Linux command line client or works with deja dup without too many
>     hassles?
>     Or some way of doing an approximately 7GB backup to 'the cloud'?
>     The demise of Ubuntu One is a pain.
>     Cheers,
>     Cliff

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