[NZLUG] Recommendations for free cloud storage? Around 10GB.

Guy K. Kloss guy at kloss.org.nz
Tue Apr 15 15:31:16 NZST 2014

On 14/04/14 21:36, Cliffp wrote:
> Does anyone know of a free cloud storage service that either has a Linux
> command line client or works with deja dup without too many hassles?
> Or some way of doing an approximately 7GB backup to 'the cloud'?

We are (my employer) currently working on a Linux synch client, and
you're getting 50 GB free of charge per month on Mega.co.nz.

Just to throw in a few other options I've heard of:

There might be a solution that could work on SyncAny:

Another option I've heard somebody is using successfully is Bittorrent Sync:

However, depending on the environment, that could also be blocked by
some (corporate) firewall, or slowed down by a provider's QOS traffic

> The demise of Ubuntu One is a pain.

Indeed, it's really sad that they're folding.


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