[NZLUG] Help. Word processor or similar to edit giant page.

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On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 1:39 PM, Michael Gauland <mikelygee at amuri.net>wrote:

> I haven't done anything nearly that large, but when I made a much smaller
> banner (closer to A3 size), I used Scribus. Using vector graphics and
> scalable (Postscript or Truetype) fonts, the final size shouldn't make any
> difference.

Thank you very much Mike,

Scribus 1.4 accepts large pages and lets me export them as PDF. Yay!!!!

I had to set the default measurement to "mm" first, when left in the
default ("pt") it topped out well below that.

It doesn't want to import SVG or my (large) PNG, but I fixed this by
getting Inkscape to save it as EPS, then it worked a treat.

For future reference the documentation says "The maximum size of a document
is now over 100 x 100 inches." 100 inches = 2540 mm, more than the 2280 I

Again thanks


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