[NZLUG] New York Times: The Many Alternative Computing Worlds of Linux

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The Many Alternative Computing Worlds of Linux - NYTimes.com
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HAVE you ever wondered what happened to Linux? Linux is the free
software created through the open source development process that many
technology enthusiasts had predicted would revolutionize the world of

It may not be widely known, but Linux did revolutionize computing. If
you own an Android phone or a Kindle e-reader, you are a Linux user.
Linux is at the core of those popular devices and is found in a variety
of other places, from the world’s most powerful supercomputers down to
the tiny Raspberry Pi device that is a favorite among electronics hobbyists.

But Linux has had less success in personal computers. Fewer than 2
percent of desktop or laptop computers run it, according to a survey by
Net Applications. That could be because for the bulk of Windows and Mac
users, switching entirely to Linux probably does not make sense. But
exploring Linux could still be worth the time for those looking for a
proven, low-cost alternative to the two mainstream operating systems.


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