[NZLUG] Help. Word processor or similar to edit giant page.

Bruce Clement subscribed at gnuzealand.com
Wed Apr 9 22:56:38 NZST 2014

Environment: Debian Gnu/Linux Jessie, AMD 64. KDE desktop.

I need to create a document that's a single page PDF file measuring 865 x
2280 mm at 300 dpi. Yes, that's over 2 metres high. It will be  a pull-up
banner for my wife's cake and biscuit stall at the Grey Lynn farmer's market

It will be mostly text with one or maybe two nearly full width  (cartoon)
graphics. I have the graphics as SVG files & have also exported to .PNG.

So far I've tried:
* Libre Office - crashes a couple of seconds after setting the page size
* Calligra Words - can't find how to create a custom page size
* Abi office - Inserts the picture flattened, upside down and under the
text. On the good side, it did agree to use a 250 pt font.
* Pdf Edit - Doesn't seem to have an option to insert graphics.
* Lyx - claimed to support the paper size, but exported it to a multi-page
* In desperation I've even tried Microsoft word on a Windows machine --
which also seems to lack the ability to create custom page size.

I think The GIMP willl allow me to edit it as a graphics image, but it
tells me that the image will be 2.6 GB. I've got 8GB of memory so this size
is managable and I've managed to export a blank image of this size to PDF.
Interestngly enough GIMP went to sleep for a few minutes when exporting ...
not sure exactly why, it only showed as using 1 or 2% of CPU and 34% of

My graphics skills are so bad I'd really prefer not to do this with the
GIMP, I have visions of producing something horrible.

All suggestions warmly accepted.


Bruce Clement

Home:    http://www.clement.co.nz/
Twitter:    http://twitter.com/Bruce_Clement

"Before attempting to create something new, it is vital to have a good
appreciation of everything that already exists in this field." Mikhail
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