[NZLUG] Copying Home Directory to a new partition.

Volker Kuhlmann hidden at paradise.net.nz
Wed Apr 9 08:51:32 NZST 2014

On Tue 08 Apr 2014 15:30:25 NZST +1200, Thomas Middeldorp wrote:

> From man rsync:
>  -a, --archive               archive mode; equals -rlptgoD (no -H,-A,-X)
> -D                          same as --devices --specials
>  --devices               preserve device files (super-user only)
>  --specials              preserve special files
> So it should copy special files. It just won't preserve hardlinks, ACLs, or
> extended attributes unless you add the corresponding flag.

Yes, you are right. My dislike for rsync for copying directories locally
1:1 comes from a very long time ago, when I found cp -a worked better.
Otherwise I use
  rsync -aAHLvi

It's possible early versions of rsync weren't as powerful. They still
don't copy time stamps properly - the current rsync protocol can't
handle transferring the sub-second part. That's a good reason to stick
with cp -a, unless the special behaviour of rsync is actually needed.
Choose the best tool for the job. Copying home is what cp was made for.


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