[NZLUG] Copying Home Directory to a new partition.

Tomislav Skunca tomislav.skunca at gmail.com
Tue Apr 8 07:27:05 NZST 2014

To be sure that your old folders are completely synced you can try running

  rsync -ac0 --dry-run --stats /old/home/ /new/home

This should print out all the files that rsync would like to copy because
they are different or missing in the new home folder (maybe a --verbose is
needed, I forget). It will take a little time to run since it's actually
comparing file contents.

Just remove the --dry-run switch to actually copy the files. Also, the
trailing slash on the source folder is intentional and must be there for
this to work as intended.

On Monday, 7 April 2014, Cliffp <enkidu at cliffp.com> wrote:

> Hmm, the dot files *do* seem to have been copied. I have a .dropbox in the
> new folder and it contains stuff.
> Cheers,
> Cliff
> On 07/04/14 21:47, Matthew Poole wrote:
>> cp somedirectory/* will not get the dot files that you need for
>> configuration, IME. Dropbox is stored in a dot directory, too, and I
>> suspect you'd find a heap of other application configs are also
>> missing. I've found it necessary to either go back and cp
>> somedirectory/ or cp .[a-Z]*
>> On 7 April 2014 9:36:18 PM NZST, Cliffp <enkidu at cliffp.com> wrote:
>>> I did the following:
>>> 1) Formatted a partition /dev/sda5 as ext4 (as cliffp). 2) Logged
>>> out as cliffp and logged in as user2. 3) Mounted /dev/sda5 as
>>> /olddisk. 4) Copied /home/cliffp to /oldisk (sudo cp -d -r -x -v
>>> --preserve /home/cliffp/* /olddisk) 5) Changed fstab to mount
>>> /dev/sda5 on /home/cliffp. 6) Reboot. 7) Login as cliffp.
>>> That seems to work, except that the Unity bar thing is different
>>> to what it used to be. Also it prompts me to set up Dropbox.
>>> However the desktop background is correct, and the desktop icons
>>> are correct.
>>> What did am I missing?
>>> Cheers,
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