[NZLUG] Copying Home Directory to a new partition.

Matthew Poole matt at p00le.net
Mon Apr 7 21:47:46 NZST 2014

cp somedirectory/* will not get the dot files that you need for configuration, IME. Dropbox is stored in a dot directory, too, and I suspect you'd find a heap of other application configs are also missing. 
I've found it necessary to either go back and cp somedirectory/ or cp .[a-Z]*

On 7 April 2014 9:36:18 PM NZST, Cliffp <enkidu at cliffp.com> wrote:
>I did the following:
>1) Formatted a partition /dev/sda5 as ext4 (as cliffp).
>2) Logged out as cliffp and logged in as user2.
>3) Mounted /dev/sda5 as /olddisk.
>4) Copied /home/cliffp to /oldisk
>	(sudo cp -d -r -x -v --preserve /home/cliffp/* /olddisk)
>5) Changed fstab to mount /dev/sda5 on /home/cliffp.
>6) Reboot.
>7) Login as cliffp.
>That seems to work, except that the Unity bar thing is different to
>it used to be. Also it prompts me to set up Dropbox. However the
>background is correct, and the desktop icons are correct.
>What did am I missing?
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