[NZLUG] Converting UTF-8 files to PDF

DL Neil nzlug at etelligence.info
Tue Apr 1 17:03:35 NZDT 2014

On 01/04/14 16:41, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
> On Tue 01 Apr 2014 16:28:32 NZDT +1300, DL Neil wrote:
>> I guess OO/LO is not going to meet those final criteria.
>> (you probably know can be API-ed from Python, etc).
> Cranking up a word processor for a plain text file always seems very
> wrong, but is better than nothing. Margin control should be possible
> with that, but the scripting of OO/LO always looks very painful to me.
> Before going down that route, using kate would work, but I don't know
> how that can be scripted.
> Ideally I was hoping something similar to enscript might exist that can
> also handle unicode...

Sorry V, maybe you're ahead of your time?

Having said that, the phone rang and I was reminded that I met some of
these guys in Sowf Lunnon: http://www.reportlab.com/
(NB I haven't looked further than noting a v.recent Python 3.3 release,
so pls check "unicode"!)

In case you didn't like that P-word, there's another, similar package at
http://www.fpdf.org/ for PHP
(again, have not checked against your specs)


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