[NZLUG] Netcomm NP805N Router - Internal DNS resolution?

Cliffp enkidu at cliffp.com
Sun Jun 30 10:40:58 NZST 2013

On 29/06/13 17:29, Nick Rout wrote:
> Vodafone gave me this router today when upgrading my cable. With my old
> WRT54-GL running custom firmware when a local client connected via dhcp
> it got an entry in the routers dns system and I could happily connect to
> all my local devices by name rather than IP address.
> The netcomm doesn't seem to want to do this, no dns resolution of
> internal addresses at all. Very annoying as I have all my mythtv
> frontends set up to connect to the backend by name not by IP address.
> Does anyone know how to turn on internal DNS resolution or is this
> router just incompetent.
> Maybe I need to just put the WRT54 back in there and put the netcomm at
> the back of the garage, although it's wireless N support and my laptop
> are loving each other.
Not incompetent. It's just that the WRT54-GL has more built into it. I'd 
say that close to 100% of home style out of the box ADSL modem/routers 
would not do dynamic DNS. It's a fairly rare thing to need, in the home 



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