[NZLUG] Netcomm NP805N Router - Internal DNS resolution?

DL Neil nzlug at etelligence.info
Sat Jun 29 18:25:35 NZST 2013


>     Vodafone gave me this router today when upgrading my cable. With my
>     old WRT54-GL running custom firmware when a local client connected
>     via dhcp it got an entry in the routers dns system and I could
>     happily connect to all my local devices by name rather than IP address.

>     Maybe I need to just put the WRT54 back in there and put the netcomm
>     at the back of the garage, although it's wireless N support and my
>     laptop are loving each other.

So apart from the N-support is the NetComm giving you anything that the 
WRT54G did not? Maybe that question is actually: why did they give it to 

Otherwise surely it's a no-brainer to stick with the added functionality 
of the old box, and keep the new one around as a spare and in case of 
niggling problems when their Hell|pDesk will want you to test using 
'guaranteed right' gear...


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