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Sat Jun 29 14:57:20 NZST 2013

On Sat, 2013-06-29 at 13:12 +1200, Nevyn wrote:
> Installing LDAP really isn't the problem. It's up and running. And I
> got the phpldapadmin thing going which just left me wondering "Whiskey
> Tango Foxtrot". Jethro Carr's presentation to AuckLUG that Jaco posted
> mentions something that he wrote. It looks pretty good - focusing
> purely on user management rather than trying to be an
> in encompassing ldap interface. I haven't yet found the time to try
> and install it (no deb so will take a little bit more time than just
> downloading it) - hopefully tonight if I don't fall over from lack of
> sleep first (so much to do that HAS to get done before I got to
> NetHui).

For reference for anyone else reading, my tool is called LDAPAuthManager
and provides simple management of users and groups in an LDAP directory.


> If that doesn't work for me, I'm probably going to just do it by hand
> (yuck) and perhaps come back in a few months and design something kind
> of around the idea that geeks are users too.

There's a number of LDAP management interfaces around now to make the
management easier - the harder part is actually getting the server
itself running with security (SSL) and configuring the client systems.

Some good virtual appliances could be the best/easiest way to help new
LDAP users get up and running.


Jethro Carr
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