[NZLUG] prism break session, this sunday at tangle ball, auckland

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Thu Jun 27 17:19:19 NZST 2013

In response to the uncovering of the US and British government's mass spying on 
their citizens, we are holding a session to discuss and develop 
alternatives, and to resist the surveillance[1].

The intention is to investigate alternatives to the products such as Skype, 
Google and Facebook which have been implicated in the surveillance.

This is a group session, not a lecture. All are invited to bring ideas,
experiences, problems and suggestions.

We will be covering areas including:
* web search
* email
* social networking
* web publishing
* alternative networks

and many others

The free software foundation has compiled a list of alternatives [2], some
of which we will be discussing, and which will be useful as a start.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PRISM_%28surveillance_program%29
[2] http://prism-break.org/


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