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Jethro Carr jethro.carr at jethrocarr.com
Wed Jun 26 00:34:41 NZST 2013

hi all,

A (long) time ago I sent an email out inviting companies doing
small-medium business IT support in New Zealand to let me know, so that
I could assemble a resource for use by people looking for commercial

Sadly the responses were pretty poor, had about 5 people in total get
back to me... I'm sure there must be more than 5 companies doing Linux
support in NZ so it was a bit disappointing.

I've been sitting on the list for a while, but after getting an
extremely rude email from someone accusing me of acquiring his details
for my own nefarious purposes (totally true, I sold it all to spammers
for millions and retired to my private island btw) I decided it was time
to get it pulled out of the dark abyss of my inbox and onto the shiny
face of the internet.

If we [open source community in NZ] wants to have a good resource of
GNU/Linux small-medium business IT support companies, I do invite you to
help me, by submitting your company or companies you know to the list
I'm building here:


You can do so by sending me an email (not "hi I'm bob and I have a
company", I'm after an actual blurb and contact details) or if you want
to be fancy, update the list and send me a Github pull request.


On Thu, 2012-05-24 at 00:14 +1200, Jethro Carr wrote:
> hi all,
> Sorry for the cross-posting, but I want to reach as many Linux support
> professionals as I can and these 3 lists should cover most of them. :-)
> I'd like to get a list assembled of NZ IT providers for supporting small
> and medium businesses with Linux servers - there used to be a list of
> consults on the linux.net.nz site that is now gone, but it was a bit
> vague and covered a number of areas beyond just Linux itself including
> application and web development.
> I'll be making the list public, it's mostly to make my life easier when
> I get people emailing me asking for small business support, which is
> something I'm no longer actively involved in having moved more to focus
> on corporates and telcos.
> I'm purely after people/companies that will support small business such
> as 1-5 servers and 1-25 user deployments - not interested in enterprise
> consultants or other professionals, they have a very different market
> and aren't interested in small businesses clients.
> Needs to be professional people/companies, primarily the ability to
> deliver business hours support, invoicing with GST, professional
> documentation standards, etc.
> Basically this is not a request for "I know Linux and can help people
> out now and again after work", helpful as that is, I'm after people who
> will always be able come over after they get a call saying things aren't
> working and charge for the privilege. :-)
> If this is you and you wouldn't mind your details being public and
> sometimes sent to me to people asking for such services, I'd be very
> keen to hear back from you *OFFLIST*.
> Send me some brief details about your company, ie target customers,
> supported products/platforms, city/region, staff numbers, SLA
> guarantees, rates, whatever you feel comfortable with being semi-public.
> Also as much as I only like to care about Linux, it would be useful to
> know whether you can support desktops such as Windows or MacOS when
> backed against Linux servers - typical Samba deployments etc.
> thanks all,
> jethro

Jethro Carr
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