[NZLUG] webrtc voip in firefox/chromium?

Félix Saparelli me at passcod.name
Mon Jun 24 10:09:09 NZST 2013

On 22 June 2013 18:17, Robin Paulson <robin at bumblepuppy.org> wrote:

> more revelations in today's guardian about spying on everybody by the UK's
> [1] has pushed peer to peer voip to the top of my to do list. i heard some
> months ago about webrtc making its demo in firefox in ~february, and have
> been
> waiting since then for voip which makes use of it.
See http://conversat.io or its re-incarnation https://talky.io. Their
WebRTC library is open (MIT, https://github.com/henrikjoreteg/SimpleWebRTC)
and works in firefox, in chrome, and between both browsers (mentioning this
because some parts of WebRTC are still incompatible between

http://www.sharefest.me is WebRTC-based P2P file transfer, this one is a
fancy-looking one demoed at Google I/O, also open (Apache2,
https://github.com/Peer5/ShareFest), there's others.

https://passcod.name/chat/ is a demo I put up of something I didn't write,
serverless-webrtc (MIT, https://github.com/cjb/serverless-webrtc), which
differs from others in that there's REALLY no servers invloved: usually
there's still a need for servers to do signaling, user matching, and/or NAT

Opening soonish (but I'm not supposed to talk about it yet ;) is a P2P
terminal sharing webapp... I expect interesting things to pop up more and
more in the near future, but as you can see, WebRTC is no longer the barren
land of yesteryear!
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