[NZLUG] webrtc voip in firefox/chromium?

Robin Paulson robin at bumblepuppy.org
Sat Jun 22 20:40:16 NZST 2013

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 08:19:11PM +1200, Rob Connolly wrote:
> What about XMPP? My understanding is that the Jingle protocol is just a
> set of extensions to set up a peer-to-peer RTP stream, which should be


> encrypted. I've been meaning to try this with my XMPP server but I
> haven't got around to it.
> You can also use off the record encryption (OTR) with XMPP and a
> compatible client (i.e. pidgin). Not sure if the initial Jingle setup 
> is end to end encrypted if you are using OTR (anyone?).
> XMPP has the advantage of being easy to setup (I recommend ejabberd) and
> mature with good client support. I'd always go for something that lets
> me use a 'fat' client anyway, since it always seems more secure and
> featureful.

where parents, and other not so tech-savvy people are concerned, i want to stay 
away from fat clients, they add an extra later of stuff to do. i understand your 
logic, but i'm afraid it's perception only, plus more features doesn't grab me, 
so long as i have what i need/want

it appears webrtc is what handles the communication, what you transfer with it, 
including the protocol is another matter. i guess we're back to layers of 
abstraction, as in the tcp/ip stack?

in the meantime, i found this, which looks useful [1]. a few links, and the 
suggestion that any communication in the time of ipv4 ultimately needs some 
other communication/server. i'm looking into hosting a stun or ice server on my 

[1] http://blog.printf.net/articles/2013/05/17/webrtc-without-a-signaling-server/

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