[NZLUG] webrtc voip in firefox/chromium?

Rob Connolly rob at webworxshop.com
Sat Jun 22 20:19:11 NZST 2013

On Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 06:17:51PM +1200, Robin Paulson wrote:
> more revelations in today's guardian about spying on everybody by the UK's GCHQ 
> [1] has pushed peer to peer voip to the top of my to do list. i heard some 
> months ago about webrtc making its demo in firefox in ~february, and have been 
> waiting since then for voip which makes use of it.
> some searches on ddg turn up nothing, bar some companies who offer branded 
> solutions.
> has anyone heard more? does anyone know of any sites/software/plugins which 
> allow serverless voip, direct from browser to browser?
> in the meantime i'm trying to figure out how to set up mumble/murmur on my vps, 
> but it seems somewhat redundant now we can do browser to browser.
> [1] http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2013/jun/21/gchq-cables-secret-world-communications-nsa

What about XMPP? My understanding is that the Jingle protocol is just a
set of extensions to set up a peer-to-peer RTP stream, which should be
encrypted. I've been meaning to try this with my XMPP server but I
haven't got around to it.

You can also use off the record encryption (OTR) with XMPP and a
compatible client (i.e. pidgin). Not sure if the initial Jingle setup 
is end to end encrypted if you are using OTR (anyone?).

XMPP has the advantage of being easy to setup (I recommend ejabberd) and
mature with good client support. I'd always go for something that lets
me use a 'fat' client anyway, since it always seems more secure and

Just my $0.02.



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