[NZLUG] assistance requested with ifconfig

Daniel Lawson daniel at meta.net.nz
Thu Jun 20 18:46:17 NZST 2013

> the problem is, i have no way of accessing the device directly. i don't have an 
> hdmi tv, or a converter to let me plug it into a vga/dvi monitor(it only has 
> an hdmi output). i was hoping it would be ssh-enabled by default, so i could 
> power it up and get a shell remotely, hence the networking tests.
> to be honest i don't even know if android 4 (the OS installed by default) has an 
> ssh client/server by default, but i thought i'd try

I suspect you're going to be out of luck here, at least as far as android is concerned: 


However, it looks like you can install linux by copying it to the SD card, then booting:


>> I'm not sure what the state of the device you have is, if it is just
>> running android, It might try to DHCP first then failt to a  static
>> 169.*.*.*
> so, android by default has an IP address that begins 169?
> should i be configuring eth3 with a different ip?

No, you should configure a DHCP server to listen on eth3.  

169.*.*.* is the MS "Automatic Private IP Address" range - if there's no DHCP server on the network, it'll use some method  to pick a random IP in that range. I have no idea if Android supports, although I think recent Ubuntu does.    It's not going to help you unless you can determine which address it picks though, which you'd normally be able to do because you have a UI of some kind.  

You're better off just configuring a DHCP server however.  

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