[NZLUG] Getting people to use GPG (was: Email Server)

Volker Kuhlmann hidden at paradise.net.nz
Wed Jun 19 18:21:52 NZST 2013

On Wed 19 Jun 2013 16:36:55 NZST +1200, Robin Sheat wrote:

> > I don't keep those on key servers as spam protection, nor would I have
> > one in the first place for email addresses I use to sign up for things
> > with.
> Then your key isn't worth much, because no one can use it.

Different keys, different purposes. Those who use it have it, and it's
very valuable there :-)

> (1)	Volker Kuhlmann <v.kuhlmann at elec.canterbury.ac.nz>
> 	  1024 bit RSA key 6BBF555D, aangemaakt: 1998-07-05

The key still works, you just have to use a different email address. Or
maybe the key doesn't work any more, if it's the IDEA one that gpg2
can't even decrypt with any more (and gpg fails with), so old data
becomes inaccessible. Something about [bla bla bla], that much for

OTOH no-one has asked me for a key since...


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