[NZLUG] Getting people to use GPG

DL Neil nzlug at etelligence.info
Wed Jun 19 17:59:45 NZST 2013


On 19/06/13 16:02, Robin Paulson wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 19, 2013 at 03:27:17PM +1200, Rob Connolly wrote:
>> I guess that means I need to go to/organise a cryptoparty [0] in order
>> to get it signed by a few people!
> as part of tangle ball's [1] next open day, on the 13th of July, we're having a
> low-key crpyto event. following on from the recent revelations about the
> NSA/prism [2], the intention is to show people there are alternatives to the
> mass-spying services such as gmail, facebook et al. we'll be showing the easy
> stuff like duck duck go instead of google search, but also doing more complex
> things, such as installing some free unix distro and using gpg. anyone is
> welcome to come along:

Of possible interest:
Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program. Stop 
reporting your online activities to the American government with these 
free alternatives to proprietary software.


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