[NZLUG] Getting people to use GPG (was: Email Server)

Steve Holdoway steve at greengecko.co.nz
Wed Jun 19 10:40:57 NZST 2013

On Wed, 2013-06-19 at 10:32 +1200, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
> On Wed 19 Jun 2013 09:48:27 NZST +1200, Steve Holdoway wrote:
> > I use evolution as the best mail client I can find
> I find they all suck big way, and it's an optimisation problem - for the
> fewest cases of K.O. behaviour.
> > If my mail client can't fully use the GPG key, is it worth having?
> For the sender, yes, for you, only if you install the sender's public
> key in your gpg keyring.
> Unless you mean to say that the problem is in your mail client, in which
> case the answer is clearly "no for gpg email encryption".
> Volker
If I have to perform a manual act to validate the senders GPG
encryption, then it's not going to work. It's as much use as those 'go
to this website and register so you can send email to me' antispam

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