[NZLUG] Privacy server

Daniel Lawson daniel at meta.net.nz
Tue Jun 18 16:22:57 NZST 2013

> Following up from Nevyn's recent thoughts about a local email server
> for people to use ...
> I would be interested in having a local server/service that was
> intended to help protect my privacy. Many things need a central
> 'always-on' server portion, and part of the problem we have with
> online services is that we don't/can't trust the servers themselves.
> I'm thinking of something more paranoid than usual.

Do you have any particular applications in mind? It may be that I'm having a foggy day, but I really can't think of what you'd want to use this for (other than email or a secure web proxy, and both of those have issues).

Bear in mind that even if your connection to the server is encrypted and trusted, if your application doesn't include complete end-to-end encryption, there's a fairly good chance it'll be sniffable at some point along the way. Without knowing what applications you're thinking about, it's hard to speculate on whether this is an issue or not.

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