[NZLUG] a distributed search engine node in auckland

Adrian Mageanu Adrian.Mageanu at totalimex.com
Sun Jun 16 17:13:58 NZST 2013

On Sun, 2013-06-16 at 16:19 +1200, Robin Paulson wrote: 
> I've talked in the past about Yacy, the distributed free software search engine 
> [1]
> A few weeks ago, we launched a node in Auckland, running at Tangle Ball.
> It's open for all to use, the address is here [2], so please give it a go. I'll
> get a nice url at some point, a bare IP address is neither memorable nor
> comforting to the average user.
> It's having a few problems at the moment, locking up and requiring a restart 
> every so often, so it may not always be available. I'll get them sorted soon.
> If you have some spare hardware, give it a go running it yourself, the shared 
> search index is the result of collaboration across hundreds of nodes round the
> world and more nodes are always welcome.
> [1] http://yacy.net
> [2]
> cheers,
> Robin

Just gave it a try. It works. Slow, but returns results.

I read a bit on the YaCy.net web page, not being familiar with it, but
didn't go past the home page for now, is it a domain specific search
engine or a general purpose one? I noticed the tags on the right hand
side of the page in [2], that's why I ask.

The results are somehow restricted and less relevant, when compared with
other search engines. I did a search on "linux one liners" and got only
19 results, none of them useful, or at least not what I expected.

Will its use increase its efficiency, like with wolframalpha in its
beginnings? Or is there something users can do to improve it? Or its
returned results?


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