[NZLUG] Router recommendations?

Daniel Lawson daniel at meta.net.nz
Fri Jun 14 15:42:16 NZST 2013

> How exactly are you recording what traffic each LAN host generates? And
> are you ignoring traffic between LAN devices, or anything that doesn't
> go through the Internet gateway? I tried this with pfsense some while
> back and didn't manage, all the available add-ons just didn't do what
> was needed, didn't work, or on one case were so much overkill I didn't
> persue it. If there's an easy solution I'd like to know about it.
> On tomato You had to run some scripts (and the results went back to zero if you rebooted). I think it was an iptables script that did some packet counting or somesuch. I am pretty sure it counted only packets that went through NAT so didn't count lan traffic. Sorry to be vague, I didn't implement it for long. I now use another openwrt variant which has live graphs of traffic usage, which can be interesting when online gaming (teen boy)  or youtube (teen girl) starts up...

This is definitely something that is quite straight forward to do with iptables (all you need is an ACCEPT rule matching each IP address you want to track, and then you check the counters for that rule), a cron script to check the counters every 5 minutes and inject the data into an RRD, and then a script to generate the rrd graphs.

I've done this or something similar numerous times ever the years, from scratch each time, because it is a pretty simple task to achieve and there are lots of resources out there to help. 

> I just googled looking for the scripts I used and found this instead, which looks intersting. I might try the newest tomato software over the weekend.
> http://www.nextgendigitalhome.com/2127/home-network/scalable-gateway/using-the-tomato-firmware-to-monitor-bandwidth-by-ip-address/

This does look a lot simpler than what I suggested, however it's worth knowing how simple and easy it is to do with iptables, cron and rrd.  If you're already using a tomato fw and you can use the above one though, then it looks like a winner :)

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