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Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Sun Jun 9 13:04:50 NZST 2013

On 09/06/13 10:54, Volker Kuhlmann wrote:
>> NZ hosted so that I only really have to be concerned by one set of laws
> Tricky. My impression was that large New Zealand ISPs have terms that
> suit them but couldn't care less about you, but the smaller ones might
> be better. Whether either one would actually stand up the Americans is
> another question. Wording like "except as required by law" is pointless
> unless they make clear that only the laws of New Zealand applies. That
> gets tricky as soon as you hire a domain name, as some American law will
> always be involved to varying degrees depending on what top-level you
> get. ISPs probably write their terms with that in mind too.

Sorry but this is an OTT position. I've been in the ISP game for a
substantial proportion of my professional career and been directly
involved in enforcing Terms and Conditions in each of those jobs. At no
stage did we consider ourselves subject to any legal jurisdiction other
than the country within which we were incorporated and operating.
And contrary to your implication, ISPs don't necessarily want to simply
'toe the line' when an American piece of legally-served gobbledegook
arrives.   Thus 'except as required by law' is entirely acceptable as
the only law they're obeyed to follow is the one they're working within.
This is also defined in plenty of ISP service contracts.
Where something grossly illegal or immoral was going on and an offshore
party was the advisor, it was our own T&C we enforced - that's it.

>> I was wondering, is there
>> an opportunity here for a community run thing? I know some guys in Auckland
>> were talking about a community server (did anything ever come of that?).
>> Would anyone be interested in using such a service? It'd probably have a
>> small yearly fee attached (how small would probably be a function of the
>> number of people paying).
> To be a useful long-term operation, it would have to be reasonably big
> (spam filter effectiveness, spreading setup costs), and have paid admin
> staff to keep things going. You can't do that without fees. Sounds like
> a small startup. I'd be interested if the parameters were right.

On the OpenChat list I also cited SMX (smxemail.com) as a local email
service provider working in this space - small bias, as I work there -
SMX's target is the business world, not so much the home user or
'community' but if you're content to pay a small amount for the
combination of email service and antispam/antivirus, it's worth a look. 

That all said i'd be keen to see some sort of substitute-for-gmail crank
up domestically, but I agree it's unlikely to be free (free mail service
providers being notoriously abusive in general nature, and the NZ market
being incredibly intolerant of this...)

I hosted some friends and family on my own machine for a long time but
it came at a cost and an overhead... I have had commercial colocation
fees to manage, spam issues and other such things to deal with... so I
have some perspective on what this is likely to take in a practical sense.


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