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Volker Kuhlmann hidden at paradise.net.nz
Sun Jun 9 10:54:10 NZST 2013

On Sat 08 Jun 2013 23:26:53 NZST +1200, Nevyn wrote:

> settings and chat in gmail wanted to do something with Hangouts) and I
> think the Chromebook is THE perfect example of vendor lock in.

As an interesting aside, have a lock at the fairphone. Be in quick if
you want one, the "GO" limit on orders was 5000, which was passed a few
days ago. Initial run is currently set at 20000. Not sure how much open
source it is, but it will have no vendor[tc]rap.

> The question came up around jurisdiction - the US has jurisdiction over a
> lot of services that we tend to use

If you care about freedom and privacy, your only option is to go
shopping in Europe. gmx.net has given me a free email address with the
occasional hiccups for close on 15 years without adding ads to my
emails, but I think their English interface went with the dot bomb.
You'd use smtp/pop/imap with their servers anyway, but you have to set
up the black/white lists on their web interface.

> email address. It would have to be free of my ISP (as I want the option of
> swapping ISP's without the switching cost of changing my email address).

OK, you are buying your own domain name then (no other way).
You either get control over your email address and handling, or you
don't pay, and you choose first. Everything else follows.

> NZ hosted so that I only really have to be concerned by one set of laws

Tricky. My impression was that large New Zealand ISPs have terms that
suit them but couldn't care less about you, but the smaller ones might
be better. Whether either one would actually stand up the Americans is
another question. Wording like "except as required by law" is pointless
unless they make clear that only the laws of New Zealand applies. That
gets tricky as soon as you hire a domain name, as some American law will
always be involved to varying degrees depending on what top-level you
get. ISPs probably write their terms with that in mind too.

> I was wondering, is there
> an opportunity here for a community run thing? I know some guys in Auckland
> were talking about a community server (did anything ever come of that?).
> Would anyone be interested in using such a service? It'd probably have a
> small yearly fee attached (how small would probably be a function of the
> number of people paying).

To be a useful long-term operation, it would have to be reasonably big
(spam filter effectiveness, spreading setup costs), and have paid admin
staff to keep things going. You can't do that without fees. Sounds like
a small startup. I'd be interested if the parameters were right.


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