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Nevyn nevynh at gmail.com
Sat Jun 8 23:26:53 NZST 2013

Hi All,

I'm looking to move away from gmail - I object to the way EVERYTHING Google
is moving towards Google+ (youtube just had a whinge about using a name and
then came up with some message about going to Google+ to change certain
settings and chat in gmail wanted to do something with Hangouts) and I
think the Chromebook is THE perfect example of vendor lock in.

The question came up around jurisdiction - the US has jurisdiction over a
lot of services that we tend to use - on NZOSS which had me thinking. If
I'm going to be changing my email address very soon anyway... why not try
to kill two birds with one stone? I personally wouldn't mind paying for an
email address. It would have to be free of my ISP (as I want the option of
swapping ISP's without the switching cost of changing my email address). NZ
hosted so that I only really have to be concerned by one set of laws
(though I don't do anything dodgy with email anyway). Have spam filtering
(though occasionally this is a source of entertainment - grading SPAM)...

I don't think there are any free providers in NZ. I was wondering, is there
an opportunity here for a community run thing? I know some guys in Auckland
were talking about a community server (did anything ever come of that?).
Would anyone be interested in using such a service? It'd probably have a
small yearly fee attached (how small would probably be a function of the
number of people paying). Or perhaps not even community run - perhaps we'd
just need enough people to take on a commercial offering (less risk in
terms of maintenance).

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