[NZLUG] Managing multiple-machine application configs with DVCS

Félix Saparelli me at passcod.name
Fri Jun 7 12:49:04 NZST 2013

I can see one way making individual changes and pushing them would be
interesting. When experimenting with configs or scripts, I usually work on
one machine, and then I might want to do the same thing on others. It's not
clean and pretty, but when I have a variety of machines for various
purposes (and not a cluster or set of machines that have similar or related
purposes), it makes more sense to ssh into a box, tinker, and save the
config... and then I usually end up having to manually copy and paste stuff

Puppet/chef are nice, but tinkering with config through them is not the
best experience...

On 7 June 2013 12:22, Reed Wade <reedwade at gmail.com> wrote:

> Jim, I'd be curious why you don't like puppet for this. It's pretty good
> at making exactly this sort of thing very simple.
> --Unless it's the wanting to be able to make changes on the individual
> machines and push those changes back. I'd claim that's not even a feature
> I'd want.
> Also, separate branches in git is likely to cause more trouble as you'll
> get drift in the areas you want to stay the same across all hosts. Keeping
> one puppet config set in git is nice tho.
> -reed
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