[NZLUG] Managing multiple-machine application configs with DVCS

Félix Saparelli me at passcod.name
Wed Jun 5 21:00:39 NZST 2013

Have a look at http://dotfiles.github.io/ - What you're describing is
obviously not a new problem and has been addressed in various different
ways by a number of people. Ben Alman's looks close to what you want:
https://github.com/cowboy/dotfiles, but I'm sure you can find your own
perfect setup mixing and matching these.

On 4 June 2013 18:29, Nevyn <nevynh at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 4 June 2013 17:21, Steve Holdoway <steve at greengecko.co.nz> wrote:
>> I hate to say this, as I've only maintained a setup designed and
>> implemented by someone with what looked like severe mental deficiencies,
>> but would capistrano/webistrano do the job?
>> I think it possibly will.
>> Steve
> My personal approach:-
> a package with the configuration with a script that runs post
> installation. In which case, you only then need make the association and
> have somewhere that association can be kept (MAC address? Serial Number?)
> i.e. within the package itself as a csv file or something or online as a
> query to a webpage (though this second example seems silly).
> This means that I'm pushing out the same thing to EVERY machine and only
> have to change things in one place.
> Regards,
> Nevyn
> http://nevsramblings.blogspot.com/
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