[NZLUG] Mint freezes

Don Johnston admin at ncearevision.co.nz
Wed Jun 5 11:43:52 NZST 2013

On 05/06/13 11:10, David McNab wrote:
> On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 11:01 AM, Volker Kuhlmann 
> <hidden at paradise.net.nz <mailto:hidden at paradise.net.nz>> wrote:
>     * Fix the kernel.
>     * Wait for someone else to fix the kernel.
>     * Don't use beta-quality distro versions.
>     * Don't buy bleeding edge hardware without Linux support and for which
>     a stable Linux driver is not yet available.
> Another solution - try other Mint flavours, or the various flavours of 
> Ubuntu, or some 32-bit versions...
> I was doing some fresh distro-shopping recently, and found that the 
> only distro which worked 100% with all my Asus EeePC netbook hardware 
> was standard Ubuntu 13 with Unity, while the only distro which fully 
> worked on my desktop was Linux Mint 15 Mate (not Cinnamon).
> If I chose a different distro with either of these two systems, I 
> would be looking at potentially weeks of squinting through manpages, 
> googling through web forums, begging for help on IRC, hacking source 
> code, reading chip data sheets,...
> Just because one is a developer it doesn't mean that one shouldn't be 
> able to sit back at times and drive like any other user, without 
> having to take the engine to pieces.
> D
The next thing I will try will probably be 32 bit Mint with Mate because 
I am accustomed to Mate and I can live without 64 bits for the next 6 

Which model EeePC are you using? I have never had any problems with Mint 
on EeePCs (models 701, 901 and 1000H).

Don Johnston
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